A charming, happy-go-lucky woman who has a desire to dive deeper into her love for singing, making music and telling stories, Caiti Patton is known for her over-active imagination and quirky personality. From Ohio, but now living in sunny Florida, she paints a unique scene for every song she writes. Her favorite part of the creative process is collaborating with visual artists after a track is finished, as she has a passion for photography and film production as well. A writer now for ten plus years, Caiti’s influences change as she strives to incorporate Cinematic influences with her Indie/Pop roots. She continues to stretch her boundaries as she collaborates with new visual and musical artists regularly. Recently her vocal and lyrical stylings have been featured with EDM artist, EGZOD. With their unmatched skills combined, they gained praise from top artists in the industry, such as the Chainsmokers. Her song “Animals”, was recently featured on YouTube Red original series, Swipe Right in July 2018 as her debut licensing placement. Her future goals include exploring opportunities within tv/film and advertisement, and continuing to grow her technical skills within writing music and video production. While she admits she does not partake in many other activities other than her music, Caiti enjoys reading, being outdoors with her dog, Sam, and enjoys traveling across the country to visit family. Caiti thanks all of the wonderful people in her life that have helped shaped, and push her further towards her goals. She is extremely grateful for her dream team that is made up of her best friends.



To think that any of this would be possible with just myself would be silly. As a singer, writer, musician, and newbie audio engineer and producer, I still need a lot of help finishing my projects and dreams. I have been surrounded by a wonderful group of people who have been nothing but a pleasure to work with on this musical journey. Their hard work deserves to be noticed, and their businesses’ deserve to be booming with clients. If you’d like to share secret weapons, feel free to check out my team and hire them for their superior services.


Spencer Martin – Mixing / Mastering  – Spencer and I go back about 9 years! Yes, there is a reason why I still go to him for my mixing and mastering. He’s a serious beast with it. Can’t tell you how many complements I get on my mixing and producing and it’s because of this guy.  Below is a list of the projects we’ve worked on together.

Needle and Thread – EP

Shoot First -single

Sticks and Stones – single

Love Casual(ty) – single

Animals – Ep

Midas – single

Check out Spencer’s full portfolio, and services here!





Ruby Castellanos –  Sound design/ Composition/Production –  I have been working with Ruby for over 4 years now. Her talents with sound design, orchestral composition and producing are unmatched. She’s also wonderful at vocal editing as well! You can hear her work on Life of Mars, Freak on a Leash, and my newest single, Midas.

Check out Ruby’s full portfolio here. Check out Ruby’s fiver link here.











Ryan Keller – Video/ Photo – Ryan’s directing, videography, photography, and editing skills are unbeatable. Never have I worked with anyone more organized, professional, and fun at the same time. He’s got his stuff together folks. Ryan is also extremely versatile with his style. He can shoot anything from dark edgy music videos, to a real-estate tour for a mansion! Seriously, whatever your video/photography needs are, Ryan has you covered, and covered well! You can see Ryan’s work literally everywhere here on my website. He continues to amaze me with his talents each time we work together. You can find Ryan’s other projects, and portfolio here!










Eric Medina – Music Supervising/ Licensing extraordinaire – Eric has been helping me out with licensing my music for over a year now

and he’s the reason why I’ve been able to secure my placements, and earn royalties off of my music.  His knowledge of this niche is beyond his years, and he has even gotten me out of a few pickles regarding contracts that did not benefit my business. Eric collaborates daily with top industry music supervisors, ad agencies, and content creators. Because of his constant immersion and determination, he has secured placements with clients such as Toyota, Ford, Jansport and Fenty Beauty. If you’re looking to license my music, or even if you’re an artist looking for licensing opportunities – email Eric at medina.eric.93@gmail.com with inquiries and questions!











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